How to know what to outsource to a Virtual Assistant

Many people are unsure of what they need to hire a Virtual Assistant (VA) for or where to start.  

Ideally, you want to make the most of your time and focus on growing your business.

So, to start, perhaps think about what your pain points are and start begin by making a list of these. Write down every task that you do, every aspect including replying to emails, customer enquiries, answering calls, posting on social media, booking in customer orders, making appointments, quotations, sending invoices, expenses, accounts, I mean everything!

Once you have a comprehensive list, order them from easiest to hardest. 

Easiest being the most mundane and repetitive tasks that you could delegate to someone else.  The hardest being tasks that only you have the information and knowledge on to complete these jobs to your satisfaction.

Once you’ve ordered your list from easiest to hardest, look at the tasks that you’ve put at the top. Anyone should be able to perform these tasks with the proper understanding of the process and what your business does.

This is your starting point, the first task that you should outsource to a Virtual Assistant (VA).

As the business owner, it might take you a while to step away from the to-do list for the business and let go of these tasks.

But once you’ve pinpointed the work you can offload on to your Virtual Assistant (VA), you can really appreciate and understand how valuable your time is and concentrate on growing your business.


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