8 signs you need a Virtual Assistant

You have laid the groundwork and followed your dream and now working for yourself. But the more business you pull in, the more admin it creates, does it feel worth it?

If you feel like there simply are not enough hours in the day, or that admin jobs and paperwork are getting in the way of you running your business, then this is the time for you to consider outsourcing your to-do-list to a Virtual Assistant.

Perhaps start by asking yourself some key questions:

1. Do you feel overwhelmed?

Do you find that there are not enough hours in the week to keep on top of the daily, weekly and monthly tasks that come with running a business?  Are you finding the “to-do-list” never seems to get shorter, but only longer with tasks hanging around well past their due date?  Does it feel like your admin is taking a back seat?

2. Are you doing repetitive tasks?

Do you find that you are doing admin instead of the job you enjoy doing? You might have a standard email you send to enquiries, data entry updates, or data management that neds to happen weekly or monthly. Or maybe other tasks that you know like the back of your hand but can be time-consuming, your time could be better spent elsewhere.

3. Are you keeping up with the demands of your customers?

Are you struggling to follow-up with potential customers you have met, quoted on or been referred to? You don’t want these leads to go cold, but struggle to give each one the attention it needs.

4. Missing customer calls

Are you missing new customer enquiries or calls because you are too busy working to pick up messages?

5. Are you stuck in the now and not able to look to the future?

Is it challenging when you try to focus on business growth, pursue new opportunities and give future plans the time they deserve?  Have you a clear plan for the business and able to execute it yourself?

6. Have you not got the time, energy or knowledge to keep on top of it?

There might be new, more efficient ways of doing things, which would be a more effective way of working. Have you got time to keep on top of new software or legislation? Or do you not know how to implement the right systems to help your business grow.

7. Is your Inbox controlling you?

You might have more than one inbox, or more than one business. You might just have one inbox with emails bursting at the seams. You might be filing emails, but guilty of marking as unread to come back to it, or just deleting a stack full of junk email every day instead of filtering or unsubscribing.

8. Are you constantly playing catch up?

Are you struggling to fit in your personal life? If you are missing personal commitments, or perhaps you are there in body but distracted by your phone or your business is on your brain. When was the last time you took an evening off to spend time doing what you want to do?

Having the support of a Virtual Assistant (VA) can make all the difference to your day, week and month. You can achieve so much more when you focus on your strengths in your business and outsource the pain points to someone else. You can use your time wisely and effectively and not working all the hours that you are awake.

A VA is a freelance PA, and the perfect solution when you need someone to delegate to, but on a flexible basis. With a VA there are no recruitment agency fees, pensions and policies. You can agree a budget or a number of hours for which you would like VA support, on a weekly or monthly basis and create something that is perfectly suited to your needs.


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