Top three self-care tips for your work routine

Three tips for building self-care into your work routine for a less stressful work experience.

Setting up your own business is exciting and rewarding, but it is easy for it to become all-consuming and possessive of your time and headspace.

In the early days it is important to fully commit to your new project, network, build your brand, set up your admin and deliver the project you promise to clients. But doing this all the time at full speed can lead to burn out, so it is really important that you do some things to future-proof how your business will work as things get busier and you have more plates to spin.

So, I have three tips to help you build self-care into how you run your business so that you still enjoy it when things are really busy on a day-to-day basis.

1. Routine

If you ever worked for someone else, you know that you were bound by their hours of business and planned things for yourself around those hours. When you are in control of your hours those boundaries can begin to blur, which means the things you need to do for yourself can be pushed to one side. So, instead of letting this happen, why not create a routine for yourself that lets you work at the hours that suit you best and plan in those things that you need to do for yourself. Be that working around school hours, or in the evenings and creating time for your hobbies like journaling, running, an exercise class or meditation.

2. Delegate

You don’t always have to say yes to every project or task that comes your way, and even more so if the tasks are taking over your time and impacting your ability to do the things that you love in running your business. Delegating or outsourcing tasks to a Virtual Assistant (VA), bookkeeper or HR support will mean that they handle the time-consuming task list that can be distracting you, allowing you to focus on your skills in your business. At LHT Associates we are well placed to understand the challenges of juggling everything that business owners face and have the solutions ready to support you.

3. Switch off

During the working day make sure that you take a meal break and then at the end of the day switch off your laptop and phone – despite it being too tempting to keep going and tick things off your to-do list. But, stopping, pausing and switching off is important for your brain to have the space to process everything and you to unwind from the day’s work. Plan a holiday or trip for certain points in the year so that you have things to look forward to as a larger rest from running your company. If you have built a good team around you and have great outsourced support, you can trust that your business will be in safe hands while you relax.

Ultimately these tips aim to help you set up your business so that self-care is part of the normality of your day – enabling you to be ready to face the challenges of running your business.

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